About Us

What's Different?

The Manage-Able™ mission, delivering the presence of self-management skills within public and private sectors, is a direct result of changes that have occurred in the nature of modern society's medical circumstances over the years.  With the application of improved technologies over the last twenty years or more we have seen a relative decrease in the occurrence of acute disease.  On the other hand, as we live longer we see a concomitant increase in the prevalence of chronic conditions.

In January 2006, Our Health, Our Care, Our Say - White Paper [3], proposed changing the way health services are provided, "placing greater choice and control in the hands of the people who use them".  This is a natural direction to follow in view of a rise in the incidence of long-term life limiting conditions, management of which requires greater input from the patient.  Health professionals can no longer be the sole experts in the management of long-term conditions when personal lifestyle plays such a great part in the process.

Manage-Able is a forty-eight (48) week programme for people who live with long-term life-limiting health conditions.  It is facilitated by tutors who themselves have a long-term condition and therefore empathise with those attending the programme.  This is one of the key reasons our programmes are so effective.  Focusing on the social model of disability, the programmes provide participants with the skills to maximise self-management of their own symptoms.

Manage-Able™ may be compared to other self-management programmes much the same as learning to drive is associated with buying a car.  Driving lessons give one the skills and confidence to drive any car and then choose an appropriate model of car that best suits personal circumstances.  One would not think of giving everyone a limited choice of vehicle; a choice that would only suit a limited variety of personal needs.

The Manage-Able™ process, like learning to drive, functions as a self- signposting service.  E.g. Self-management skills training promotes and supports making appropriate choices regarding fitness and exercise, healthy eating, medication, finance etc., just as learning to drive informs the purchase of an appropriate car with a certain number of doors, engine size, colour and trim specification.

In the same way one learns to drive any car to get from A to B, Manage-Able™ programmes are circumstantially neutral, focusing on behavioural issues and related psychology.  This circumstantial neutrality, by definition, renders Manage-Able™ programmes equally presentable to the broadest range of audiences.

Unlike other self-management programmes, Manage-Able™ includes formative behavioural assessment instruments that document progress and measurable economic value.

Regular data protection laws apply. Pursuant to these same guidelines for example, only aggregated data is available to an employer who commissions a programme; nonetheless demonstrating the social and economic return on investment.