Economic Value


Ministry of Justice figures for Jan – Dec 2010 examine an offender cohort of 72,252 under supervision of Probation Services across the Yorkshire and Humberside region.  Re-offending rates are 5.28% below prediction [17].

However, in Hull, re-offending rates are 5.75% above prediction within a cohort of 4,868, representing an actual re-offending rate of 11.4%.

In round figures 555 adults under supervision of the Humberside Probation Trust (Kingston-Upon-Hull Local Authority) re-offend within three (3) months of leaving prison [18].

£62,556.00 is the annual per prisoner cost for a Male Dispersal Establishment, of which Hull is one [19].

Assuming ten (10) probationers do not return to prison within their first year of release as a result of support from a Manage-Able™ programme, the gross sum of £625,000.00 will be saved.  The cost of ten (10) Manage-Able™ seats is £20,000.00, a net saving of £60,556.00 per ex offender.