Economic Value


There were 309,527 people diagnosed with cancer in the UK in 2008 [20].

"Cancer being the second largest killer behind cardiovascular disease… we find that in 2008 the cost of cancer was £18.33 billion, and that these costs will increase to £24.72 billion by 2020" [21]. 

£18.33 billion = £5,921,938.96 cost per person diagnosed with cancer in 2008.

In round figures this equates to six million pounds (£6,000,000) per person, inclusive of healthcare costs (including NHS and Hospice costs), costs to family and patient, losses in productivity (including cancer survivors [lost paid & unpaid work] and cancer deaths [lost paid & unpaid work]).

Assume Manage-Able™ reduces this cost by one tenth of one per cent per participant.  The return on investment is a significant saving of six thousand pounds (£6,000).