Economic Value


Unfortunately, potential returns on investment appear least in the context of employment.  Indeed, self-management in industry is poorly valued: considered a ‘soft skill’ despite much recent social upheaval and a multitude of politically bipartisan calls for a more reflective and cohesive society.

Looking at a social return on investment, offender and workplace outcomes in particular may be fairly increased by a factor of at least 10%.  Cancer and depression figures already include a reliable 'social cost'.

Per capita costs and concomitant potential savings to the nation quickly escalate.  Multiple indicators are the norm in cases that transcend the broadest spectrum of populations.  Consider, an ex-offender from a deprived background, suffering from cancer and depression.  On the other hand, consider an executive/professional person experiencing acute trauma and giving up work as the result of depression.

Manage-Able™ programmes are designed to consistently mitigate such costs in measurable fashion and, by virtue of their circumstantial neutrality, just like learning to drive, are applicable and relevant to the broadest spectrum of the population.