Who's Responsible?

Public Services

The links between self-management, meaningful education and positive health outcomes are well documented.

One example of the need for this link is the looming antibiotic crisis.  Doctors are under pressure to prescribe while patients put doctors under pressure as a result of unreasonable expectations (BBC 2 Newsnight, Fri 30th Nov, 2012).

Another is the NHS management culture of not admitting anything is wrong as reported on BBC 2 Newsnight Thurs 6th Dec 2012.  The skills that Manage-Able™ programmes develop speak quite specifically to this issue, associated behaviours and resulting negative organisational outcomes.  E.g. A sense of helplessness & isolation stifle communication and hence an organisation’s ability to react as circumstances require.

Targets and a tick box culture allow this to happen. Once departments have ticked their boxes all is well. No need to interact and 'close the cracks'.